We are finally able to celebrate this XV edition of the IPF Buenos Aires International Poetry Festival, which was put off in 2020 due to the global health crisis. We will meet again after this long absence of hugs and verse and, even though it will be carried out in a mixed format with international poets reading virtually,  the poets and artists of our city will participate in person.

The opening will be for the first time  at the Recoleta Cultural Center, an emblematic place in the city. We will also have activities at the headquarters of our organization -La SEA- and at typical historical pubs from Buenos Aires.

During these isolation times,  there have been expressions of beauty on balconies all around the world and artistic videos have traveled the world virtually. Poetry has always been by our side, helping us get through this tough  reality. We enjoy  this truce that the pandemic is giving us now, which hopefully will be the last, to once again celebrate the poem and discover  the mystery of poetry after such a hard time. 

We must bring words closer to people and let beauty circulate among us.

In this XV edition -this number is the symbol of Eros, life and love- we will celebrate this festival in a  magical way. Alongside poetry, we will celebrate this edition with other art expressions such as sculpture, music, dance and painting.

Poets from different countries of America will be present, such as Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Canada, Guatemala and from Europe, Finland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. From Asian countries: China, Japan, Palestina and for the first time Guatemala and Kurdistan, from the Middle East. From Argentina, Tucumán, Córdoba, Río Negro, Chubut, and  Buenos Aires Provinces, as well as  the Capital City of Buenos Aires.


Welcome to this festival of poetry.