A brief introduction


Few arts enjoy the persistent vitality poetry does. Festivals, encounters, readings –they take place round the world. Poetry rejuvenates with every one of these forums. She pounds, vibrates, glows. Nobody can claim to be her owner but she gives herself without asking anything but love. As of the poem of Gilgamesh – recorded 2,500 years B.C. on wax tablets- up to those freshly written through a cell phone, poetry entails 46 centuries of permanent currency. Written or sang, she bears witness to past, present and days to come. For the poets every occasion is a proud reason to celebrate her.

This FIP 12 Festival Internacional de Poesía de Buenos Aires is part of such universal feasting. We have published a thorough list of all those who were part of it; those almost 400 poets from all Argentina and the world are ambassadors and spokesmen of the alephs contained in a poem; they are quite a number and yet only drops in the endless ocean of those devoted to the poem,

In this new edition of our FIP, the second to be held with he CCK as a seat, we welcome poets from our provinces: Córdoba, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán, San Juan, Río Negro, greater Buenos Aires (Villa Elisa, Moreno, San Nicolás) as well as the autonomous city of Buenos Aires. Their presence would constitute a nation-wide festival. But our festival is international for it includes poets coming to participate from Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Cuba, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Denmark, Holland and Turkey. And this year, for the first time, poets from Austria, Slovenia and Finland.

Organizers anxiously wait for the right time to start the festival. But then days seem to fly by and everybody feels these joyful the days should not end. So, from the onstarrt, let’s make the most of this twelfth editon of the FIP Festival Internacional de Poesía de Buenos Aires.

Welcome be you all poets –Argentinean and foreign- and “Viva la Poesía!”.